How to Decide Where You Should Live in the US

There are many great places to live in the United States. The country has many states full of breathtaking cities and towns, as well as stunning neighborhoods. So, can you pick one spot and start living, or there are some parameters that you must consider? Indeed, you can’t plant your roots everywhere, correct? You have to narrow down the funnel from the states to the cities and neighborhoods.

Cool! So, is there a scientific way to find out the best place to live in the US? Of course, there is; we’re living in a world of big data floating around.

But, looking at those extensive statistics, can become confusing? You’ll love a prescriptive solution, don’t you? Hey! Who doesn’t love that and when it comes from experts like us. Thus, this guide is about the proven tips that’ll help you decide where to live in the United States. We also provide a link to our search tool to help you discover your best places to live based on your quality of life and culture preferences. Sounds interesting, huh! Let’s begin then.

The list of essential factors that you have to consider before moving to the United States

Cost of Living

One of the most critical factors that you have to consider before finalizing a place to live in is the cost of living. Indeed, you’ll find relevant data from official sources highlighting the CLI index of a city and state. However, you have to interpret it correctly.

So, what all comes under the cost of living, or what exactly it means?

Well, it includes a range of things that you have to consider. Like the grocery prices, cost of utility services, an average of daily household expenses, the taxes that you need to pay, and so on. Indeed, you can plan by listing down all these indexes and then write the expenditure corresponding to it. Of course, you’ll figure out the differences, and it’ll help you make informed decisions.

For example, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, and others are a few US states with a low living index cost. Should you then start living at any of these places? Hey! Hold on; there’re other factors that we’ve to consider alike before making a final decision.

Consider the Taxes

Of course, taxes play a vital role in your net disposable savings. Thus, you have to consider the taxes or the tax parameters as one of the predominant factors before making a final choice. Indeed, in the US, you need to pay tax; it’s a mandatory expense and an added burden too. You’ll even find stunning US cities falling under the high tax bracket.

However, you’ll find cities or states where if you live, you’ll enjoy Income Tax exemption. For example, if you’ll like in Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, and similar places, you don’t have to pay Income Tax.

Also, if you live in states like New Hampshire, Oregon, or Alaska, you don’t have to pay any Sales Tax. Thus, you can take your notepad and pen and start listing down the name of the states or cities that’ll give you a tax-saving living experience.

Job Opportunities

Knowing about the job market or the available opportunities is another essential factor to consider when deciding where you should live. Well, you’re thinking about how to start with it, correct? Hey, there’s no need for you to stress yourself! We’ll tell you one easy trick; do your research way ahead before you relocate.

You have to research job opportunities across various states; they vary a lot. Indeed, you need to take all your skillsets into account, as well as what job opportunities go with your profession. For example, for a Banker, City A might be the right choice, whereas, for a teacher, it might be city B. So, you have to do detailed research before you decide to move in.

Consider the Climate

Another important deterministic factor that you have to consider is the climate. Indeed, you have to learn about the climatic condition of the place before you make a call to live there. You will find some cities with long winter whereas others might enjoy a warm climate. Again, these might vary based on the demographic location. Thus, you have to do extensive research and write down the major climatic factors that might be challenging if you don’t do extensive research.

Real Estate Value

Well, the next important factor that you have to consider is Real Estate Value. It’s another significant index that’ll influence your decision; why? Well, of course, when you’re planning to shift permanently, you have to buy a house. Indeed, it’s one of the most significant investments that one makes in their lifetime. Thus, you have to be severe and think about the longer-term about this factor.

However, there’s a challenge, and you have to keep an open eye on the fluctuating real estate prices. There’s no doubt that you’ll find it as one of the most fluctuation indexes. One of the pro-tip is to keep track of the ongoing real estate prices and offers. You might not be buying currently, but you can certainly keep yourself updated about the current market. You can also browse websites like Trulia that’ll give you an idea about the locality’s prevailing real estate prices.

Crime Rates and Safety Index

Will you prefer to live in cities with high crime rates and low safety index score? Certainly not! Indeed, it’s an important parameter to consider. However, the paradox is, there’s no place in this universe that is crime-free! So, what you can do is to start your research and explore various crime rate statistics.

Another pro-tip is to visit your local police station and get the crime rate statistics directly from them. It’ll be first-hand information, and there’re fewer chances of additional errors. You can also check about the surrounding neighborhoods and the safety measures out there. Although no one can guarantee that it’ll continue to be the same, but it’ll help you in decision making.

Proxmity to Family and Friends

People having extended family that are spread around. For them, meeting with their near and dear ones regularly is one of the critical objectives. Now, if you buy a house or start living in a city without checking the proximity of distance, you might land yourself in trouble. The reason is evident as you’ll not be able to spend a weekend with them. Thus, consider selecting a place from where you can drive and move around if you have got a large social circle.

Quality of Education System

When you live in a new place, you’ll, of course, keep your concern for your child’s education, correct? Thus, exploring the education system is one of the critical areas for you to see. You’ll realize that several places in the US are famous for schools and colleges with quality education. Indeed, if you have kids, you need to explore such places to give you a clear idea about the education system and its quality. You’ll also get a fair idea about costs. Thus, you can plan and calculate way ahead in advance and then make a decision.

Culture of the Place

Culture is one of the most vital parameters that you have to consider to decide the place where you’re going to live. The good news is, you’ll be happy to know that the US is one of the world’s most diversified and multicultural countries. For example, if you plan to live in vibrant cities like Los Angeles, you’ll enjoy great food and nightlife scene.

From open-air concerts to operas, it’s a cultural treasure-trove. Again, you may find that cultural immersion is somewhat limited in other areas compared to Los Angeles. Thus, take paper, write down what you like, and then try to match it with the place you’re planning to live.

Options for Public Transportations

You can’t plan to live in a place that has got challenges for public transportation. Indeed, you’ll face typical obstacles to get to work on time. Additionally, you’ll find an increasing tendency in gas prices. Thus, you may prefer to live in a city where you can move around on public transport, giving full accessibility. Indeed, you can also reduce your living cost alike.

Options for Food

Whether you’re a food lover or not, you need to find a place that’ll offer you multiple varieties and options for diversified food. Thus, you have to consider the location of the grocery stores and the opportunities to find fresh products. If you’re a food lover, you’ll, of course, love to enjoy diversified cuisines. Then, look for a location where you can find plenty of food options you prefer once you start living.

Size of the City

Although it may not be an immensely important factor to you, it’s better to decide what type of city you prefer for living. If you like a niche locality where you can meet up with your friends and relatives daily, a small town is an idea. Again, if you want to enjoy a fast-paced life, you can shortlist metropolitans; there’s plenty to scroll and dive in.

Healthcare Facilities

You have to consider exploring the healthcare facilities before deciding where you’re planning to live. Indeed, it’s necessary for everyone, and you might need it at any stage of your life. If you’re enjoying an excellent healthcare facility where you live, it can contribute to your weill being.

Distance from the Airport

Well, if you have to do a lot of traveling, it’s better to live in a city or district where you can easily access the airport. Thus, you’ll save traveling time, and you can also manage any situation where you have to travel unexpectedly.

Final Verdict

Finally, it’s you who has to decide your dream destination to live in the US. We’ve shortlisted and highlighted the most apparent factors that you have to consider before a final choice. However, the list is long, and require extensive research; we’ve guided you on how to do that. Once you do it by considering all factors, we’re sure that you’ll be able to decide where to move and live in the United States.

Our places search tool can help you discover places that are best for you based on your quality of life and culture preferences. You can use the tool to jump start your research.