Best Small Towns to Live in USA

When we talk about living in US cities, there are certain places where everyone aspires to live. New York, Los Angeles, or San Fransisco are a few of the most popular US cities topping the list. Of course, these are dream destinations to live in for multiple reasons.

Key factors are the City life, culture, food, and thrilling nightlife, wow! While you count on the positive benefits, the downside is the high cost-of-living index. Likewise, you’ll end up with lesser disposable income.

However, there are certain advantages to live in a small town over these big cosmopolitans. Do you know what they are? In this article, we’ll talk about the real benefits of living in a small US City.

Let’s learn about the real benefits of living in a small US City.

Enjoy a clear night-sky

Do you love gazing at the clear sky at night? Of course, it’s something that everyone loves to do. Unfortunately, if you live in a big cosmopolitan city, you’ll never see the natural illumination effect that takes place on a clear sky, why? Well, the skyscrapers lit up the town with their artificial lighting effects. That’s intensely powerful to shadow the natural lighting.

However, most small cities don't have towers. Therefore, there’s no light pollution to block your vision; enjoy star-gazing and get closer to nature!

Blend yourself with a unique culture

You’ll find unique community-driven culture when you live in a small city. This is usually not the case in large cities where people remain busy doing commercial activities for the entire day. In one of the US cities like Sedona in Arizona, there’s a unique culture of painting sceneries on the outer walls of buildings and restaurants.

They do this as a part of their artistic, cultural heritage. It’ll be an excellent opportunity for you to be a part of these unique cultures when you live in a small city.

Get closer to nature

Another significant benefit of living in a small town is, you’ll find yourself closer to nature. There are beautiful quint towns in the US surrounded by hills, valleys, lakes, and mountains. There’re no busy roads or overcrowded streets. So, spend time amidst nature like fishing, boating, or even hiking. You’ll not only enjoy the fresh air, but you’ll also feel peace in mind.

Low Cost of Living

Cost-of-living is one of the foremost factors that you have to look into before finalizing a place to live in the US. Luckily, the living cost in any of the smaller US cities is much lower as compared to the bigger towns. For example, in Chicago, you’ll find a 1BHK studio apartment for approximately $1200 whereas, in Carbondale, the rents for a similar apartment is only $600. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of paying less tax, and even there’re some small cities exempted from Taxes.

Final Verdict

Choosing a dream destination to live in is entirely your choice. However, we’ve explained some essential advantages to live in a small town over the big ones. We haven’t emphasized only the cost of living, which is an apparent reason. Instead, we’ve highlighted a couple of other important parameters as the real benefits of living in a small US City.

Here is a list of best small towns in the US. So, decide where you want to live after evaluating all parameters.

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